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Do prenups dampen the romance in relationships or do they help to build a foundation of trust?

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The traditional consensus around prenups is that they start a relationship from a position of mistrust. However, as many of us may have experienced either first or second hand, no matter how loving two people may feel about each other at the beginning of a relationship, a variety of factors can lead to things changing down the line. Prenups enable you to be open and transparent with each other and to set goals for the future from a position of love and openness, rather than resentment. The process of producing a prenup allows for an emotionally mature conversation to take place where both parties can outline their financial situations in detail and have hard conversations from a position of love. Such topics of conversation can be uncomfortable to have for many but being able to navigate difficult issues in an open and collaborative way provides a foundation for a successful long term relationship. Here at Wenup, we believe that prenups get a bad rap. The idea of planning for a potential break-up is a taboo topic, particularly in British culture. However, producing a nuptial agreement on the Wenup platform requires the couple to be completely open, to collaborate on difficult decisions and to do so in a way that is fair and amicable. Ultimately, this increases trust and openness in relationships, setting you up for a future with fewer unhealthy confrontations and full clarity on where you both stand. In future, we believe that prenups will become de rigueur in British society, and that their perception will evolve from being an instrument of the law that serves to help the wealthy to becoming a foundational element for trusting relationships to be formed for everybody.