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5 prenup myths and how wenup addresses them

5 prenup myths and how wenup addresses them


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Prenups Are Only For The Wealthy


Prenups act similar to an insurance policy to resolve potential future financial disputes. Just like Insurance isn’t only for the wealthy, prenups are a prudent step for all couples to help save time and money, should things not work out. And wenup enables couples to save 75% off the cost of the market leader at only £1500 for both sides fully legally represented.

Prenups Only Matter If We Divorce

Not Really…

Whilst a prenup helps safeguard both sides in the case of a divorce, the reality is that it serves a number of purposes. Wenup have designed the process to help couples financially plan amicably, allowing them to focus on the love. It’s a great exercise in openness and honesty, which helps make relationships stronger.

Prenups Only Protect The Side With The Most Assets

Absolutely Not!

Prenups have to protect both sides or they won’t stand up in court. Wenup’s model is designed to offer mutual protection , which helps provide peace of mind about financial entitlements as marriage commences whilst also saving money in the case of a divorce.

Prenups Show A Weak Relationship

Quite The Opposite!

Going through the wenup prenup process requires a good level of relationship maturity in order to discuss financial matters, where some level of compromise may be required. Wenup’s process is specifically designed to make this process as amicable and easy as possible, helping foster a strong future marriage.

Prenups Aren’t Enforced In Court

Evidence Suggests Otherwise!

Whilst they’re not automatically enforceable, there’s only a handful of major reasons why a prenup isn’t enforced in court and wenup’s process is designed to maximise the certainty of enforceability, should it be needed. Wenup’s facilitation helps mitigate against coercion whilst following all the guidelines to meet the prenup legal qualifying criteria.