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Speaking about Prenups

Speaking about Prenups


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If you’re planning on getting a prenup or postnup, you’re going to need to have a conversation with your partner to explore things further before engaging with Wenup.

Before starting the conversation, it’s good to go through your finances / assets and note them down in their entirety. Although Wenup will prompt you to do this, we find that it’s useful to have the picture of your total assets and liabilities before starting the conversation. This may make the conversation easier as it provides a base from which to construct a fair agreement.
Fairness is a crucial principle for couples’ agreements. In short, if an agreement isn’t fair, it won’t stand up in court. Have it in mind that you must both be provided for in the agreement for it to be valid. In the case that one side has significantly more than the other, you will have to demonstrate how the person with less will be provided for, if you separate. It’s important to have this in mind when speaking to your partner.

Below are 4 additional tips, which should help you engage in a loving chat prior to engaging with Wenup:

Tip 1
It’s never too soon to talk about prenups. Normalise your interest in a couples agreement early so it feels less reactive!

Tip 2
Lead with the many mutual prenup positives which will strengthen your relationship:

1️⃣ Full transparency on all finances
2️⃣ Helps safeguard both sides for the future
3️⃣ Should anything happen, you won’t have to fret over how to deal with everything

Tip 3
We recommend finding the right time and environment for you both.
It’s a serious conversation so ensure you start it in a calm, comfortable environment with your partner in a receptive mood. Make sure there is plenty of time to discuss the topic. You know your partner best so prepare that perfect space for them!

Tip 4
It’s all about framing the conversation to help strengthen and reinforce your relationship. Throughout the process you will have to be totally open, both personally & financially and work together to understand each other's needs, otherwise the prenup will not hold up in court. Make sure your partner knows this.