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The Lawyers we work with

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At Wenup, the lawyers we partner with are highly experienced in family law. Not only that, but they are also passionate about helping modern families at the start of their journey together, helping to create a fair, amicable resolution, should things not work out.

The lawyers we work with are subject matter experts and are a regular feature at specialist legal conferences, speaking on many pertinent topics within family law. Some have experienced divorce firsthand through their own families and have wanted to ensure that other people avoid a messy, acrimonious divorce by making fair, amicable, legally compliant couples agreements, accessible to all. That’s why they partner with Wenup. We share their values and want everyone embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures to receive the same protection that used to only be accessible to the rich and famous.

Democratising couples' agreements, and making them affordable, accessible, and easy for all is the founding principle of Wenup and our partner lawyers embody this in their work.

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