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Wenup Consultation

  • FREE Consultation with one of our experienced team
  • Discuss what you are looking for and how we can help
  • Understand our process and what is involved
  • Talk through any general questions or concerns

Only £750 per person

Your agreement includes advice from experienced family lawyers who work with you on your agreement and believe in Wenup’s mission to change the way couples agreements are viewed


What makes us different

We make couples agreements amicable, easy and affordable using our online platform.


We work with couples, rather than individuals

We work with both of you from the start to help you produce a valid prenup or postnup agreement.


Access a network of trusted, experienced family lawyers

We are not a law firm and do not provide you with legal advice ourselves, but as part of our service, you will each have access to your own independent family lawyer to advise you on your agreement.

Lawyers for both of you

Work together affordably and efficiently

Through our online platform, you are able to work together on producing an agreement in a way that is straightforward, transparent, collaborative and affordable.


What our customers are saying

Wenup believes the conventional thinking around prenups is seriously outdated, and we’re here to change it for the better.


Below are some answers to some of the questions you may have about Wenup and couples agreements in general.

Once you are ready to speak to your lawyers, you will have the option of selecting from a list of avaialble lawyers on the platform, or you can ask the Wenup team to choose the first available lawyer for you. You will then each connect directly with your lawyer to arrange the meeting. You pay the lawyers directly for their time, an hour for each of you is included as part of our £1,500 package. 

You and your partner will choose your separate lawyers from different law firms via our platform. Each lawyer will be advising one of you separately and independently on the proposed terms of your agreement. Our process is designed to be naturally collaborative, transparent and fair to both sides. Your lawyers may discuss the fairness of your proposed agreement directly with you and each other. This openness is encouraged as part of our process with the aim of producing a final agreement which is likely to be upheld/ followed by a judge in the Family Court in England & Wales in the event that your marriage/ relationship breaks down and you wish to rely on the agreement relating to the division of your assets at the end of the marriage/ relationship. You will be guided upon how to alter the agreement you have reached between you so that a Family Court judge is more likely to uphold the terms at the end of your relationship/ marriage. This may result in you both needing to reconsider the terms of your agreement, with the assistance of your respective lawyers, who will amend the terms of your proposed agreement for you on instructions from you both. In the interest of a fully transparent process, your lawyers will be obligated to include any important information you share with them that is relevant to your agreement. 

In order for a prenup or a postnup to be upheld legally in the UK, both members of the couple will need to have received independent legal advice.

On Wenup, our standard package is £750 per person, or £1500 total, and this includes independent legal advice for both of you. 

When comparing Wenup to other options, it is important to be aware that most other providers quote for drafting an agreement and representing one of you, but the total cost of drafting an agreement and receiving separate advice will be far higher once both members of the couple have received the legal advice they need for an agreement to be upheld in the UK. 

Our standard package includes a 60 minute call for each of you with an experienced, independent, direct access barrister to ensure each member of the couple has received independent legal advice, which involves a review of any red flags in your agreement, making tweaks to the draft so that it fits your requirements and maximises the chances of it being upheld, as well as running through a questionnaire designed to ensure the agreement is appropriate for you and that you understand its implications. 

However, if you require additional drafting or customisation that cannot be carried out within your respective 60 minute calls, or if one of the barristers decides on the call that you may need further advice for whatever reason, you may have to seek further legal advice either with your barrister at their hourly rate, or with another lawyer if you so choose. 

In order for nuptial agreements to be upheld by a court in England and Wales, several factors will be taken into account, including that:

●   The agreement was freely entered into by the parties.

●   The parties had a full appreciation of the implications of the agreement at the time they entered it

●   The parties intended the agreement to have a legal effect

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