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Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers covering Bristol


Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers covering Bristol

You would not live your life without health insurance simply because you never know what might happen. The same can be applied to prenups. A common misconception is that prenups lead to divorce. However, this isn’t true. Research from the Marriage Foundation found no correlation between prenups and an increased rate of divorce in the 2000 ever-married UK adults they surveyed. Transparent and emotionally mature conversations around prenups are a great exercise in openness and honesty, which helps build a strong foundation in making relationships long-lasting. Having an enforceable prenup that was crafted collaboratively by both of you with the help of prenuptial agreement lawyers covering Bristol can save a lot of time and worry further down the line.


A Contemporary Approach to Prenups

The preconceived notion is that the prenup, is the exclusive domain of the wealthy, and in most (though not all) cases crafted to protect the assets of one richer partner from the other in the event the relationship does not work out. For a prenup to stand up in court, they must protect both sides fairly. Couples are looking towards the future more than ever and even lower income couples are considering prenups as a safeguarding option.

At Wenup, we offer mutual protection, providing peace of mind for both members of a couple. Our process fosters a collaborative approach between partners at every stage and injects a healthy dose of expert legal advice from highly experienced Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers covering Bristol to produce a prenup that helps relieve long-term financial uncertainty.


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A Better Way

When couples come to us, they already have a clear idea of how they would like to divide their assets should circumstances ever call for it. We provide them with a platform that allows them to refine their understanding by working together, collaboratively rather than separately and addressing each others’ questions and concerns.

Once the couple have drafted their prenup, Wenup takes things a step further by providing them access to highly-experienced Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers covering Bristol who will consult with each partner separately. The agreement that ultimately emerges is one which is collaborative, fair and that satisfies both parties and will pass the legal litmus test by adhering to the 3 foundation principles of an enforceable agreement:

  • Principle 1: Both parties have entered freely into the agreement.
  • Principle 2: Each party was fully aware of the implications of the agreement before signing.
  • Principe 3: Each partner received independent legal counsel during the drafting process.

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Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will make. It is vital that each partner feels they are equally and fairly provided for and that this extends to every aspect of the relationship, including what happens if the union does not last.

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