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Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers covering Cambridge


Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers covering Cambridge

The traditional prenup process is often accompanied by uncertainty and tends to lead to uncomfortable and difficult conversations. At Wenup we encourage couples to have an open, honest conversation about their finances in a calm, comfortable environment about these difficult topics prior to starting their prenup journey. The Wenup process is fully collaborative with both partners working together alongside experienced Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers covering Cambridge to produce a prenup that works for everyone.


The Importance of an Equitable Prenup

Sharing a life together can be exhilarating and immensely rewarding. No matter how loving two people may feel about each other at the beginning of a relationship, a variety of factors can lead to things changing down the line. While both members of a couple enter into the marriage intending for it to last a lifetime, this may not always end up being the case.

Just as you need health insurance against unwanted but possible health issues, prenups act in a way to help resolve potential future financial discussions to ensure that if the relationship does not last, that the separation is as amicable as possible.


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The Wenup Process

If the notion of creating a fair and equitable prenup that will stand up in court appeals to you and your partner, consider Wenup.

Most couples come to us with a clear idea of how they would divide up assets in the event of a separation. We’ve designed an easy-to-use online platform and a simple process that enables couples to take a more collaborative approach to fine-tuning their prenup. We believe starting conversations early around this topic helps to build a long lasting, loving relationship and improves the financial wellbeing of the couple.

If you have an idea of how you would like to divide your assets as a couple, register with Wenup and fill out our collaborative online questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed in such a way to help you refine your ideas and takes around 15 minutes for the two of you to complete together.

After completing the questionnaire, we provide access to highly-regarded and experienced Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers covering Cambridge who will provide expert legal advice separately to each partner. This will satisfy the legal requirement for individual and objective counsel while at the same time ensuring the resulting prenup does not have any gaps or unenforceable clauses.

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Don’t Leave Something So Important to Chance

Should your union not withstand the test of time, Wenup provides an easy, stress free process to divide up assets in a fair and amicable way.

A far better idea is to work with the Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers we put you in touch with and craft a prenup that satisfies both of you and that will stand up in court even 20 or 30 years from now.

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